Are you a business that is trying to grow? Do you have a low talent acquisition structure? Few to no employees in the human resources department? If you’re looking for cost-effective solutions, you may want to consider using an outbound sourcing effort (or “RPO recruitment team”). 


What is Outbound Sourcing?

Outbound sourcing involves creating a list or pool of the best talent for a role that needs to be filled. Those candidates are informed of the role that is available and may suit them. This is usually targeted toward passive candidates (of which can also be some of the best candidates).

Passive candidates are typically an employer’s dream find; they’re good at their jobs and unlikely to seek employment elsewhere. This is good news because it means they are not seeking a new role but may consider moving if a suitable offer comes into their inbox. 73% of working professionals are passive candidates, which means 73% of the workforce may be open to having a chat about the right opportunity. 


What are the Benefits of Using an Outbound Sourcing Effort?

Using an outbound sourcing effort, like Lucas James Talent Partners, gives companies on-demand recruiting services tailored to their hiring needs and unique situation.

An RPO recruitment team will typically act as a talent acquisition function to help growing businesses source great talent and take some of the bandwidth off their plate. This enables the company to focus more on its business. When the company is built up and no longer needs as much hiring assistance, the recruitment team will pull back. This team can then act as an extension of that existing team to support them through their future growth.

If your company is growing quickly and has openings for ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty candidates at a time, multiple recruiters may be needed to fill those positions. With a firm like Lucas James, your company can get the recruiter’s full lifecycle function split into two roles. The first role is a senior recruiter who acts as the point of contact for the candidate. This role performs behavioral and technical-based interviews, reference checks, and supports the client on a day-to-day basis. The other role, a sourcing specialist, solely dedicates their time to perform high-volume outreach on a day-to-day basis. This process typically works best with small to medium-sized businesses that need the top talent the most. 

Speak with one of our team members to learn more about the benefits of outbound sourcing.


Challenges Your Business can Overcome with Outbound Sourcing

Small to medium-sized businesses typically have a lot of openings. They will spend large amounts of money on marketing, job postings, and have big recruiting teams. Furthermore, job posting sites can often get crowded and become a huge challenge for businesses. This makes it difficult for companies to successfully show their vision, culture, or even tell the marketplace about their organization. 

Challenges we often see occur with highly budget-conscious organizations. They’ll oftentimes pay such high fees to a recruiting firm that, even with a good experience, it’s unfeasible to pay for the other open positions to be filled. Alternatively, an organization pays the recruiting firm lots of money just to have a bad experience. This leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Yet, most often we see the organization try to do the recruiting function on their own without the resources, expertise, or technology to produce effective searches. This typically leads to poor hiring decisions. 

Lucas James Talent Partners is a cost-effective, flexible solution to these challenges. Your company can tap into the service when needed with a process in place to get quality talent very quickly. If your business doesn’t have a lot of infrastructure in place, Lucas James can bring in all the industry-leading technology and tools out there to find candidates quickly and effectively for your organization.


Drive Candidates to Your Organization with Lucas James Talent Partners

From applicant tracking systems, internal and external databases, and tools to extract email addresses on quality candidates, Lucas James effectively reaches candidates using outbound sourcing. Our on-demand service has the ability to engage on a variable basis as hiring needs to fluctuate. You have the flexibility to turn services on and off, as needed. Whether you’re seeking to fill 2 or 50 positions for your business, we are ready to dedicate our time and quickly build a pool of highly qualified candidates. Get in touch for access to our network, technology, and industry-leading recruiting practices to source the best talent for your business.


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This article was originally published on August 26, 2021; it has since been updated and republished on December 19, 2023