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Ep. 6 – Recruiting Through LinkedIn

Ep. 5 – Understanding the Candidate Mindset

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Ep. 3 – Recruiting Challenges for SMBs

Ep. 2 – The Problem with Traditional Recruiting

Ep. 1 – Leveraging Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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The Top 5 Benefits of RPO

The Top 5 Benefits of RPO

Let’s face it- recruiting agencies get a bad reputation. Many companies avoid enlisting the help of an agency to find talent because their methods can be expensive and inefficient. However, with the shift toward new recruiting methods, such as Recruitment Process...

Macro Economic and Labor Trends in 2023

In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover will talk with Tim Schumm about macroeconomic and labor trends in 2023.

Tim Schumm spent 10 years at Aerotek, the largest privately held staffing firm, in various roles: recruiter, salesperson, national sales, and regional leadership. He was the top salesperson out of 2000 reps for 3 years, from 2010-2012. Lucas James provides a service that is 40-60% cost savings compared to traditional fee-based recruiting firms, and Tim is very vocal about some of the challenges and headaches that HR/Talent leaders have when working with recruiters. Model is broker, expensive, poor service, etc. Tim is also a thought leader when it comes to discussions around the economy and how that effects the labor market.

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