Talent Acquisition MasterClass

How to Handle Salary Negotiations

It can be difficult navigating a salary negotiation. Watch the video above as Dan Bovee outlines how to structure the conversation when it comes to the topic of compensation.

Advice for Someone Starting Their Job Search

  It can be overwhelming for job seekers to figure out where to begin. What do we advise? Establish a plan, initiate conversations within your network, and leverage tools like social media to assist the searching process. Listen to...

How the Job Market is Different than from 10 Years Ago

Today, we live in a candidate-driven market where applicants have an abundance of different opportunities to capitalize on. It’s essential for employers to understand and adapt to our current job market. Take a look at how Tim Schumm and...

Attracting Top Sales Talent

Watch as Brandon Murphy, our Director of Development, explains how to attract top sales talent in today's market, from establishing yourself as a market leader to defining your sales culture.

Ep. 7 – Adding Value to Your Team

In our latest episode, Tim explains how startups typically don’t put a lot of resources towards talent acquisition. However, these companies are at an important stage where they can’t afford to make bad hiring decisions. During times of...

Ep. 6 – Recruiting Through LinkedIn

Did you know 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates? It's one of the most effective ways for recruiters to connect with job seekers, whether it's by using InMail, purchasing advertising, or networking. Today, many recruiting...

Our Latest Insights

Meet Ricky Boyanton

Meet Ricky Boyanton

What is your role at LJTP (describe in more detail than just the title) As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, it is my goal to bring top talent to our customers at Lucas James.   What did you do prior to joining LJTP? Before coming to LJTP, I worked for a national...

Eliminating Unconscious Bias From Your Hiring Process

Eliminating Unconscious Bias From Your Hiring Process

“Unconscious bias” occurs when recruiters favor one applicant over another due to their prejudices. Candidates and employees who find themselves victims of unconscious bias suffer declines in morale, productivity, and general happiness at work. Everyone has...

Meet Tracy Hanson

Meet Tracy Hanson

What is your role at LJTP (describe in more detail than just the title)? Talent Acquisition Consultant - As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, I enjoy partnering with our clients acting as a member of their team by integrating into their systems and easing their...

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