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The RPO Process (Infographic)

RPO solves the traditional recruiting problem by providing a high-value solution at an appropriate cost. It signals the recruiting industry is evolving and recognizing the need for a more flexible recruitment model. With all the benefits of RPO, including advanced...

What to Look for When Hiring for Sales

There’s a good chance you’re looking for a full-time sales rep right now. How do we know? Nearly 13% of all U.S. jobs are full-time sales positions. There’s also a good chance that your sales talent acquisition strategy is, well, old-fashioned.  Talent acquisition is...

6 Ways The Job Market Has Evolved

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in May, employment and the number of open jobs have continued to increase in 2019. This job growth trend isn’t expected to change anytime soon either, which means that the thriving labor market is here to stay—for a little...

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