FlexTeam Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our Process

We deploy a team of a Talent Acquisition Consultant and a Sourcing Specialist to your open requirement(s) to act as an extension of your internal team. They can either act on behalf of your organization (IE client email address, signature, and representation on LinkedIn) or we can represent your organization as a third party in our engagement.

Maximize Phone Screens

We front-load the Sourcer’s time to get as many phone screens set up as possible

Fill Talent Pool

We use a dual approach with the Consultant and Sourcer working until all engaged openings are filled with qualified candidates.

Recommend the Best

We only recommend the top candidates out of our pool to continue in the interview process, saving you time and energy.

This model is reserved for clients with at least 2 openings up to high volume engagements

Use Cases

Client Partner

SMB or Technology Clients with 25 – 500 employees. Founder, Executive, or Human Resources Leadership.


Client is seeking a cost-effective outsourced recruiting solution to handle anywhere from 2 to 50 hiring needs. Internal Talent Acquisition bandwidth is between non-existent to stretched thin and needing a dedicated partner that they can build trust and consistency with. Currently relying on a ‘post and coast’ strategy due to lack of bandwidth, thus not engaging enough passive job seekers for critical hiring needs.


Lucas James Talent Partners conducts an initial assessment of hiring needs, company culture, job posting budget, and current internal processes. Client engages a dedicated Talent Acquisition Consultant and Sourcing Specialist on as little as 1.5 days per week of dedicated time up to full time and multiple resources, depending on needs. Client is able to engage on a variable basis as hiring needs fluctuate, turning on and turning off the service, as needed. Client enjoys access to our network, technology, and industry leading recruiting practices to source both active and passive candidates.

Flexible Solutions to Scale your Talent

FlexTeam RPO

When you have multiple openings, we deploy a team of Talent Acquisition Consultants and a Sourcing Specialist to your open requirements to act as an extension of your internal team.

Tired of Spending on Contingent Recruiters? Try Our Model. We offer 40%-60% Savings on the Conventional Recruiting Industry Model.

Retained Search

A cost-effective retained search model for client’s that are only looking for one hire. This model is great for one-off hires, niche or technical hires, or management/executive level hires.