Over the last 18 months, businesses worldwide have had to seriously shift their operations. The unknown future of work-life as we knew it was worrisome to management. However, what once started as an unnerving challenge for most organizations has turned into a positive transformation for most. Virtual recruiting has opened many doors for the recruiting process.  Interviewers can now streamline the interview process with more cost-effective strategies. With so many advancements in the recruiting processes and technology skills of RPO recruitment teams, it begs the question if the world will ever fully go back to in-person interviews. 

Is Virtual Recruiting Going Away?

In short, virtual recruiting does not show any signs of slowing down in 2022. The recruiting world has embraced the new virtual recruiting technology to save money and provide an improved experience for candidates. 81% of talent professionals agree virtual recruiting will continue post-COVID, and 70% say it is here to stay. 

Remote work has allowed RPO recruitment firms like Lucas James Talent Partners to widely expand talent pools and deliver a diverse pipeline. While virtual recruitment has its benefits, it can be more difficult for companies to sift through lots of applicants and source the best talent for their company. With an RPO recruitment team, you get a fully dedicated team of qualified recruitment specialists working for you. This ensures you get a high volume of outreach to passive candidates because of the team’s use of the highest quality tools and software. 

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Advantages of Virtual RPO Recruitment

The recruiting and HR industry has been touched by the virtual work environment in many ways. An RPO virtual recruitment team is now able to screen more candidates in a shorter period of time, better streamline processes, and create a stronger impression on the candidate. RPO recruitment has the ability to save your company time and money with the newest virtual recruitment technology. 

How to Support Candidates During A Virtual Interview

The number of phone interviews on Indeed increased 60% over the past year, and video interviews increased a whopping 1600%. The initial interview is an important opportunity for employers to connect with candidates. Practicing empathy and flexibility as a recruiter gives the candidate a more comfortable interview. This experience can also drastically improve the interviewee’s experience and view of the company. 

During pre-pandemic times there were many components that made the human connection during interviews much easier. Handshakes, bright smiles, the warmth of your personality, and a welcoming environment in your office created that connection. When you’re in a virtual interview, you can help the candidate pulse down a bit. Create small talk, hold eye contact, and have an empathetic approach. This connection helps the candidate put their best foot forward.

Conclusion: A Promising Future for Virtual Recruitment

Since many companies have gone fully virtual in the last year to reduce their overhead, virtual recruitment has become their best option. In the last year, businesses have been able to reduce their overhead by doing this. Small to medium-sized businesses could greatly benefit from RPO recruiting in a virtual work world because it would allow them to improve their hiring process and efficiency. This helps organizations save time and capital and is a trend that we see many companies will follow in the coming years.

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