Working with an RPO recruitment team involves much more than just hiring the team. This team should not only be specialized in finding talent and capable of getting a high volume outreach to an extensive network of candidates but they should also be aligned to your business’ hiring goals. Take a look at some easy tips on how to set goals with your chosen RPO recruitment team.


Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Firstly, setting goals with your RPO team is not only motivating, but it can give them a clear focus and direction. Research shows that setting specific and challenging goals leads to higher performance for your own team members, so why not do the same for your RPO team? This recruiting team is intended to work with your organization to understand your open roles and ensure that your business’ hiring goals can be met.

This helpful strategy will ensure you know what goals your business is reaching for and what the RPO team’s goals should be:

  • Specific (What do I want this team to accomplish? Why is this goal important?)
  • Measurable (How many hires do we need?)
  • Achievable (How realistic is this goal? Do we need more or less RPO resources?)
  • Relevant (How does this match our efforts/needs? Is this the right time?)
  • Time-Bound (When can these hires be achieved?)

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Hire an RPO Recruitment Team That Has Experience Hiring Specialized Talent

Different candidates have different skill sets, personalities, and workplace preferences. The right RPO team can find candidates that will fit your company culture, open roles, and other criteria you set forth for them to meet.

Besides hiring a team to find the right talent for your organization, candidates want to be part of an environment they can grow in. To create an environment where new candidates can enter and seamlessly work together with your team, it is essential to, first and foremost, emphasize a common goal. Your team members (and new ones) need to feel like their work is an integral part of the company’s success as a whole. Empower your team to be confident and provide consistency for success in an ever-changing environment. Making your team feel comfortable and keeping a strong sense of transparency present will go a long way. Make time for each individual to feel valued and be available every day for questions and assistance when needed. Your recruiting team will ensure this information is shared with candidates.


Creating Team Alignment with an RPO

We all want our teams to be cohesive, coordinated, and collaborative. Aligning with your RPO is just as important. It impacts the foundation of an organization’s success. According to a recent study conducted by Zippia, workplace collaboration leads to highly aligned teams. The study found that collaborative workers are 64% more likely to stick to their tasks compared to those who work alone. Additionally, they reported feeling less fatigued, more engaged, and ultimately more successful. So, what does team alignment mean in this context? Team alignment describes a team that aspires to achieve the same vision, understands the organization’s goals, and is made up of individuals who understand how to contribute their strengths to them. 

Tips to align with your RPO recruitment team:

  • Have a clear goal for the number of hires your organization needs
  • Keep your RPO team up to date on your team’s goals to maintain consistent expectations for your hiring timeline
  • Focus on candidates who align with your goals, and let the RPO team know what makes a great candidate for the role


Creating an Environment Candidates Want to be Part of

RPO teams will find the right talent for your open position, but the role should also be desirable to the candidate. A good place to start is by taking a look into your company’s current culture. What new accommodations or trends are emerging that keep employees engaged in the workplace? It is very important that the workplace culture is highly motivating and that there is sufficient support available to assist each team member when the going gets tough.


Conclusion: Working with an RPO Recruitment Team Takes Strategic Alignment

When you are aligned with your RPO recruiting team, your business’ goals can be met on time and within scope. Setting key goals, keeping the RPO team up to date, and communicating with them along the way will ensure your team can grow.


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This article was originally published on July 15, 2021; it has since been updated and republished on May 10, 2023.