With the global pandemic keeping the majority of job seekers at home, many have to grapple with the new experience of interviewing via video conference. If you’re not prepared, this can be destabilizing and yet another obstacle between you and the job you want. Here are a few helpful video interviewing tips and tricks:

Video Interviewing Tips to Land that Next Job

Give it a Dry Run

Prior to your interview, make sure you play around with the technology you’ll be using (Zoom, Google Hangouts, MS Teams, etc.) so that you know how to log in and understand basic functionality.

Dress for the Interview

Just because you’re not physically with the people who are interviewing you does not mean your presentation is less important. Dress like you would for a normal interview to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Look at the camera

When you are on a video conference, eye contact can be a challenge. Many people aren’t sure if they should look at the other person who’s on the screen or at the camera when they talk. If you look at the video image of the other person while you talk, it creates the illusion of not making direct eye contact. Make sure you know where the camera is and look at it when speaking.


Check your background (or what’s behind you)! Make sure there’s nothing unprofessional or distracting that will be visible to the other person during your conversation.

No gum/mints, etc.

Make sure there is nothing in your mouth like gum or mints. This is particularly distracting during a video interview and can cause audio disruption.


Make sure that the room/location you’re in is well lit.

Hand gestures

A lot of people struggle with how to utilize their hands on a video conference – the best thing to do is not change anything. If you use hand gestures during a normal in-person conversation, there’s no need to change that just because you’re speaking to someone over video. Hand gestures can send positive non-verbal signals such as enthusiasm or excitement.

The sudden jump into remote interviewing isn’t the easiest avenue to navigate. However, with a little preparation and knowledge, the confidence to nail that interview is not so out of reach. The potential for a new job right around the corner!