Anybody who reads this has probably either considered or has accomplished a career change. If you’re someone who has succeeded in starting a new career path, you understand that some companies aren’t so welcoming at the beginning of your search. However, what some companies miss is that there is a lot to gain when it comes to hiring a ‘career changer.’

Here are the three top reasons why you should hire a ‘career changer.

    1. They bring a new perspective.

When bringing someone onto your team who has had the opportunity to work in various fields, they can tend to conduct a challenge differently. Don’t get me wrong, experts in the field who have worked in the same industry for over a decade can face business situations in the same way, however, ‘career changers’ have the opportunity to bring in a new perspective. I admire how All Things Talent, describers a ‘career changer’ advantages, “They are able to identify their most transferable skills and come up with a strategy to apply the same into their next profession in ways that will benefit the organization too.” A ‘career changer’ can benefit your team with unique insights that can make your company gain more competitive advantage.

    2. They’re continuous learners.

Usually, when you hire someone who has worked in several different industries, you can tell that they have a passion for learning. One of the best characteristics of a new hire is finding someone determined always to learn. You will have the confidence of knowing that you have an employee who wants to be there to master their skill set in whatever profession they are studying.

   3. Have a strong work ethic.

If they are entering an entirely new field, be reminded they are probably more at a disadvantage than some of their colleagues and will need to have the determination to work hard to catch up. They’re ambitious to want to start in an unfamiliar market and gain experience learning a new skill set.