Businesses are booming, and candidates have a buffet of companies to choose from. With so many applicants applying for the job you just posted, how can you make sure you’re attracting the perfect job candidate? Well, recruiters listen up⁠— here are three different strategies that will benefit your company.

1. It’s all in the details

One thing that can help recruiters with an efficient hiring process and acquiring the right fit is to make your job descriptions detailed and descriptive. By creating your job description with complete transparency on minimum requirements, day-to-day responsibilities can help with eliminating candidates who either don’t personally feel qualified or are uninterested. Developing the right job description also enables you to decide the compensation of the position. Based on the requirements and skills the person must have to be successful within their job, you can identify a fair and attractive compensation number for the position. 

2. Leveraging the right job boards

Take advantage of the multiple job boards out there. When life gives you lemons make lemonade right?—well when life gives you numerous job boards make job postings!

It’s essential to spread your job opening on different platforms so you can attract a more diverse base of potential candidates. Indeed still ranks as the most popular job site in the market along with Glassdoor and Linkedin following right behind. It’s important to understand the users of each site; for example, 51% of U.S college graduates leverage Linkedin. If your job opening is an entry-level position, it would be essential to broadcast the post on this platform to attract the correct experience type of candidate.

3. Be transparent

Nothing is more attractive to a candidate than giving candidates a timeframe on the process of hiring. All of us have been in a place of constant anxiety in waiting to hear back from our dream company. Did it probably better your patience skills? No doubt⁠—but the candidate must understand what things look like on your end. 

Transparency within the hiring process can be desirable to top talent. Especially in a competitive recruiting market like today, it’s critical to know your candidates’ timeline. Studies show candidates 35% more satisfaction if they understand the hiring process. 

Give transparency, receive transparency; it’s as simple as that.

Our conclusion? Try these practices for the next hire, and see the results for yourself. Take your time when it comes to creating a job description, and be patient in finding the perfect job candidate for your team. 

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