What is your role at LJTP (describe in more detail than just the title)?

I am a Talent Acquisition Consultant. I partner with my clients to help them develop their hiring processes, source new talent, and hire individuals that make the company grow. I allow the company to focus on what they do best and not get bogged down in hiring processes.


What did you do prior to joining LJTP?

I worked for an HR consulting firm on their recruiting side of the business. It was a very similar process to LJTP’s model which is what I have grown to enjoy over the past 5 years.


What drew you to LJTP originally? And how has LJTP changed since?

The remote work and the glassdoor reviews initially piqued my interest. My wife was six months pregnant at the time, and I wanted to be able to support her and be more present for our new family. Once I spoke with the LJTP team during my interviews, I knew there was something special here. In the last six months, I have confirmed every positive feeling and statement that I experienced during my interview and onboarding process. We have continued to grow at an amazing pace. I am very excited to see what is in store for the team.


What is your favorite part about working at LJTP?

Our culture is amazing. I have worked at great companies and toxic companies. LJTP and the people that work here are by far some of the best I have experienced in my career. I love that our leadership is extremely transparent about things going on in the company. I love that if I have a problem, I can bounce ideas off numerous people to find the best way to solve it. We all work remotely, yet I feel like I have connected with people like we were in an office.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

We work with clients that have needs that are challenging to meet at times. Often, hiring managers believe hiring a recruiting firm will be a magic bullet and solve their needs immediately. Helping these organizations understand market conditions, refine hiring processes, and hire top talent can be very challenging. It is also very rewarding. I have stayed in this line of work because I love helping people find a dream job that will help them achieve personal and professional goals.


How has LJTP helped you grow personally and professionally?

LJTP has given me the ability to spend more time with my wife and newborn son. There have been moments that I would have never experienced if I had to spend 10-12 hours a day inside of an office. This has allowed me to prioritize my personal goals to take full advantage of this extra time by reading more, exercising more, and focusing on my mental health.

LJTP has also challenged me to grow professionally by allowing me to work in a community of other TACs that are experiencing the same things I am with clients. I love being able to bounce ideas off others when it comes to challenges with clients, candidates, or other areas. I have started to look for ways to improve my skills, my business acumen, and client interactions to ensure that I am a valuable member of my team.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy woodworking.