In our video above, Tim Schumm addresses how Lucas James supports venture capital firms along with private equity firms.


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So at Lucas James, we partner with a lot of venture capital firms, private equity firms, other investment groups that have a portfolio of companies that they are supporting through rapid growth phases. So when we’ve partner with these organizations, they’re investing a lot of their either individual capital or their outside investors capital into these organizations. And they want to make sure that they have a partner that can find them great talent, that fits the culture, that fits the technical or behavioral needs that they’re looking for within these organizations to propel these organizations in the future growth. And because we have a very cost effective solution, that’s alternative to traditional fee based recruiters, we end up running about 40% to 60% more cost effective. They’ve know that they’re financial resources, that they’re investing into these organizations. They’re getting the most high ROI to find that talent that they’re looking for. These portfolio companies.