Did you know 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates? It’s one of the most effective ways for recruiters to connect with job seekers, whether it’s by using InMail, purchasing advertising, or networking. Today, many recruiting firms use LinkedIn as a primary tool in their recruitment strategy. Watch this video to learn more about how LinkedIn has transformed the recruiting industry.


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LinkedIn has completely changed the landscape of the recruiting industry, not only for recruiting firms like myself, but organizations in the human resource or talent acquisition departments. Typically, there hasn’t invented database out there that has most candidates or 95 plus percent of candidates on there. So it’s really kind of level the playing field in terms of how organizations can reach certain candidates. So you have to be finding where these candidates sit, typically on LinkedIn or a glass door or career builder. Linkedin is a primary strategy that we employ to get ahead of some of these candidates and tell them about the great opportunities with our clients.