As a result of COVID, workplaces have changed forever. Employers and employees must navigate working remotely vs. in person and what that means for their workflows, productivity, and mental health. Many employees stuck by their employers during COVID-19 by staying at their jobs. Opportunities for new jobs and career transitions were few and far between, and many did not want to risk financial insecurity during the pandemic. Now, as more and more Americans receive their COVID vaccines, the job market has begun to open up again and the job change rate is the highest since 2000. But what does this mean for employers? How can they attract and keep good employees in this new age?


Financial Incentives

With new jobs now available, many people are reflecting on issues in their current positions. If employees are unhappy with their pay and did not receive any promotions or raise during the pandemic, they are more likely to explore new job opportunities. For many companies, the financial burden of COVID has begun to lift. If your profits are growing, find a way to share them with your workers. When you discuss company financial status with employees, try to make it more personal. Instead of sending out a mass email, have smaller conversations. While raising an employee’s salary may just sound like an extra cost at first, consider the price of hiring and training someone new. Treating your employees well at the outset can actually save you money in the long run.


Employee Health and Wellness

Another issue is burnout: some employees have had a difficult time maintaining a work-life balance when working from home full time. Make sure that you talk to them to discuss their preferences when it comes to the work environment. Consider a flexible compromise, such as coming into the office some days and allowing work from home on other days. Show your employees that you care not only about their productivity and efficiency, but also their mental health. As people reflect on how their employers reacted to the pandemic, it will go a long way to gain a reputation as an employer that puts their employees’ health and mental wellbeing first.

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Create an Energizing Culture

When attracting brand new employees, it is important to foster excitement around the direction of your business. If older employees feel as though they have been working long and lonely hours through the pandemic, new prospects for your team may pick up on that. Employee morale generally took a huge hit during the pandemic, and now is the time to turn it around. Create opportunities for your employees to bond with one another. Work with old and new employees to create a company structure that keeps everyone excited and energized. Enhance work-life balance opportunities for your employees. Now that the job market is fruitful again, your company needs a unique brand and story in order to stand out to applicants.


Moving Forward

If you want to attract and retain great employees, you cannot continue to operate a company in the same way as before the pandemic. Our world- and the job industry- is changing, and it is important to adapt along with it.


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