Solutions for Unique Business Needs


Small and Mid-Market Businesses

When it comes to small businesses, internal hiring departments are either non-existent or have limited bandwidth to fulfill hiring needs. Employees may not have adequate time or resources to dedicate the appropriate level of energy into filling a candidate pipeline. However, they’re sensitive to the exorbitant fees that third-party recruiting firms charge.

Cost-per-placement, retention of internal staff, and cultural fit are of the utmost importance to these organizations because of their size. Hiring can be reactionary due to growth, attrition, or changes in business climate. Because of this, we offer SMBs a variable solution and handle hiring in multiple departments.



Due to the nature of an enterprise company, the internal hiring department is often dealing with fluctuating volumes of hiring needs. They need a variable solution that can ramp up and ramp down when needed. Hires are segmented by department, role, or location, requiring a partner that can fill in on the necessary gaps on a real-time, on-demand basis.

Enterprise companies either have a centralized recruiting hub covering all locations or a decentralized one, which calls for varying levels of consultative and flexible support. Procurement and finance departments are typically looking for ways to cut down on cost-per-hire without adding internal talent acquisition headcount. Our team solves these issues by providing a streamlined solution for all outsourced hiring efforts.



Technology and SaaS

Newly-formed tech companies are virtually unknown to their target market and struggle to compete with more established firms. They typically perform high volume outreach to passive job seekers, leading to internal bandwidth issues. The internal team is stretched thin and employees are focused on the core business: sales, development, delivery, and operations.

Each hire is critical to these organizations and it’s important to get the right fit the first time around. However, they seek a budget-conscious solution focused on driving cost-per-hire down as low as possible while not negatively impacting candidate quality. We understand this and work with these companies to understand their business, scale with them, and act as an extension of their internal team.


Venture Capital and Private Equity

Portfolio companies deal with varying degrees of complexity due to business climate: merger or acquisition, an influx of investment capital, rapid growth, or divestiture. Because of this, they need a partner that can provide dedicated outsourced support so they can focus on their core businesses.

We help these portfolio organizations establish themselves as a player in the war for talent in a competitive, low unemployment job market. This is done through a reliable, variable, and cost-effective solution to their hiring needs.


Flexible Solutions to Scale your Talent

FlexTeam RPO

When you have multiple openings, we deploy a team of Talent Acquisition Consultants and a Sourcing Specialist to your open requirements to act as an extension of your internal team.

Tired of Spending on Contingent Recruiters? Try Our Model. We offer 40%-60% Savings on the Conventional Recruiting Industry Model.

Retained Search

A cost-effective retained search model for client’s that are only looking for one hire. This model is great for one-off hires, niche or technical hires, or management/executive level hires.

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