What is your role at LJTP?

Lucas James Teammate:

  • Serve proactively as a valued partner to my LJ colleagues in every way possible to help and support them with their goals and objectives
  • Integrate into the firm, the business, systems, and processes, and with my colleagues
  • To be recognized as a talent acquisition subject matter expert, one who leads selflessly via our Guiding Principles
  • To always serve additionally as a business development representative and ambassador of our firm to the marketplace

Client-Serving Talent Acquisition Consultant:

  • Partner with hiring leaders effectively to understand and get to know them, their values and leadership style, their dreams, their business, and their business objectives
  • Further partnership to constantly replay my understanding of them and their objectives to mutually create talent acquisition strategies/tactics and to educate them as to how LJTP can best serve them
  • Integrate into their company’s business, systems, people, and culture
  • Represent their company and brand to the marketplace as an ambassador and as an extension of their company
  • Provide frequent and consistent updates and candidates to the hiring leaders, including market feedback in ways to keep them engaged and interested
  • Provide ongoing review and partnership as conditions and goals change, while always serving as an advisor who suggests adjustments in strategies/tactics as needed in order for them to obtain success


What did you do prior to joining LJTP?

My career started in manufacturing operations within a F500 company where I worked in, studied, and learned production and machine operations, quality/process control, training, customer service, and ultimately supply chain and operations management. This experience included formal, certified training in Train the Trainer and a 26-week Management program.

I then re-engineered my career and started in Talent Acquisition, which started with a national contingent firm where I participated in formal weekly training which continued for two plus years. I eventually moved to a national retained firm where I had much success for eight years.

Founding my own retained search firm was next – which I maintained for seven-plus years.


 What drew you to LJTP originally? And how has LJTP changed since?

Initially, it was the fact that LJTP was an RPO, which implied partnerships with client firms. I had 12 plus years in retained search, and my 12 years’ experience had been totally retained/exclusive engagements. I also sought a firm that had a business development team separate from delivery – as delivery is my primary strength and interest.

I have not seen anything change regarding the mindset and personality of the firm since I joined only six months ago.


What is your favorite part about working at LJTP?

Frankly, I had come to the conclusion that finding the right firm again, which had a culture that fit what I knew was possible, was virtually impossible. Since I joined I have consistently, every day, witnessed a “caring for one another” which I am convinced is second  to none.

This core culture is complimented by the top talent in our industry and practical, efficient start-up systems and processes which are delivered and supported by individuals with clarity and consistency.

Without exception, from my perspective in my short tenure, the leaders have internalized our Guiding Principles which has obviously resulted in like-minded followings of individuals who have chosen to work together with common ideals and objectives.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

Recruiting. There is a real war for top talent in this country. The biggest challenge with the greatest opportunity is to partner with and engage hiring leaders with strategies, messages, and tactics that are relevant and critical. And then execute these plans systematically as means to meet and exceed client expectations.

Another challenge and opportunity are to engage our clients and prospective candidates with critical phone and in-person conversations at a time in history when digital communications are the norm.


How has LJTP helped you grow personally and professionally?

Personally, my faith in winning cultures and businesses has been restored. Professionally, I am in the field I love and plan to advance to Delivery Manager and then Director to apply my skills and experiences.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Not surprisingly, since I am in the people business, spending time with those I care most about is at the top. Those within my circle include my father-in-law and his significant other, my wife Patti (we 1st met when she was six and I was nine – a story for another day:), our three grown kids and their spouses, our three young grandsons, and friends that I have, and Patti and I have been close to for many years. A side note is that four of my closest friends have been my best friends since grade school.

I am a music lover (not sure how I could get through a day without music), and I love to travel with friends and family, hiking, boating, and sports (Bears and Cubs of course! Reading, gardening, and yard work (yup, I love it), and watching great movies and shows.