What is your role at LJTP (describe in more detail than just the title)?

Talent Acquisition Consultant.


What did you do prior to joining LJTP?

I was a VP of Recruiting and Business Development.


What drew you to LJTP originally? And how has LJTP changed since?

I really liked the way everyone I interviewed was consistent. They all said the results are what matters, not mind-bending and time-consuming metrics. This has stayed consistent. All of the hiring managers I spoke to were also very HAPPY and really seemed like they enjoyed working for LJTP.


What is your favorite part about working at LJTP?

Co-workers and our culture. A TON of companies talk a big game about culture, but LJTP really proves it every single day. I love being able to do my job productively, from home, and the trust they give me to do so makes me want to work even harder.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

We are consultants, who partner with new clients…so getting to know your new client and how they like things to operate can sometimes be difficult at first, BUT also very rewarding once you prove your worth and build rapport with your client.


How has LJTP helped you grow personally and professionally?

Always learning, always growing…Our leadership takes pride in being available to us any time we need them, and they trust us to get the job done. Keeping a positive mindset and a “can do” attitude rubs off, and our entire team embodies this. LJTP really cares about the continued development of its staff and gives us so many different tools to help us improve.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Hanging on a patio with my wife and pups, live music, drumming in my band, basketball, golf, paddle boarding…of course the beach!