What is your role at LJTP?
I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist at LJTP. My role is to identify and connect with candidates based on the needs of our client, and to then schedule interviews for our Talent Acquisition Consultants.


What did you do prior to joining LJTP? 
Prior to joining LJTP, I worked for Amplity Health in a similar role.


What drew you to LJTP originally? And how has LJTP changed since? 
I was drawn to LJTP by 2 fellow colleagues from my previous position. They had nothing but great things to say about the culture and work environment at LJTP, so it sounded like too good of an opportunity to pass up. The biggest thing that’s changed since I’ve joined is simply all the new faces who have joined the team.


What is your favorite part about working at LJTP? 
My favorite part about working at LJTP is that no two days are the same. There’s constant communication between team members in order to facilitate the candidate search, so there’s a real sense of comradery and teamwork here as well.


What is the most challenging part of your job? 
The most challenging part of this job is being sure to mute my Zoom calls at the exact moment my dogs start barking at the delivery drivers.


How has LJTP helped you grow personally and professionally? 
Working on multiple clients is new for me. I’ve been able to sharpen up my time management and multitasking abilities as a result.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
Outside of work, I enjoy traveling with my fiancé and taking the pups to the park.