What is your role at LJTP? 
I am a Talent Acquisition Consultant. I partner with clients of Lucas James on their full-cycle recruitment needs. I handle anything from sourcing, phone screens, interview debriefs to extending verbal offers to candidates.

What did you do prior to joining LJTP?
I have worked in Talent Acquisition for almost 7 years. In my last role, I was also a TA consultant. In addition to helping clients with full cycle recruitment, I also advised them on overall TA strategy that included attending college career fairs, an ATS implementation and
mentoring of junior team members.

What drew you to LJTP originally? And how has LJTP changed since?
I have been working for LJTP for about 6 weeks and I was referred in by a past college. Even though it’s only been 6 weeks, I’m not the new kid here anymore! LJTP has been growing quickly and it’s really great to see all the people we have been able to add to the team to help grow the business. It has been tough this year with Covid-19 for companies and job seekers alike so it’s good to see everything bouncing back a little.

What is your favorite part about working at LJTP?
My favorite thing about LJTP is the trust they have with their employees from day one. Working for a 100% remote company especially right now is refreshing because there isn’t a fear of having to go back into the office before I feel comfortable doing so. And even being 100% remote, this is still a highly collaborative environment which is also great to see.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
Starting a new job, fully remote in a pandemic, has probably been the most challenging thing so far. I have worked remotely in the past but forming and developing new client and internal relationships with my team has required more effort vs just stopping by their desk in the office. I think everyone is struggling with this a bit in today’s world but I think it will become more common as time goes on.

How has LJTP helped you grow personally and professionally?
I jumped right into working with a client when I started here. In past jobs, I have had a few weeks or so of training before I was really working on roles but here, I started day one. I basically started 2 jobs in the same week, which was challenging at first, but it taught me a lot. Mostly it taught me to rely on my instincts when it comes to recruiting as I learn more about LJTP and my client.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
In my free time, I like spending time with friends and family. Whether it’s getting together for dinner, a football game, or any other reason, I like to spend time with the people who are most important in my life. Also, I love true crime documentaries.